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Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today


Board The 28 Day Diet bus and enjoy a 7 day tour. Get a hassle-free preview of the diet with this convenient meal plan, recipes and accompanying shopping list  for the first 7 days. 


Experience the amazing weight loss and health benefits of The 28 Day Diet and see how it can improve your life without investing an entire month of your time and energy.

The first week of The 28 Day Diet is the most important of the entire plan,
as it determines your success or failure on the diet.


For anyone attempting the diet for the first time without adequate resources, the first 7 days can be very difficult. We understand; everything is foreign and new eating habits must be learned.


For this reason, we have compiled The 28 Day Diet 7 Day Challenge, which will give you the necessary guidance to help you successfully complete your first week without cheating or giving up.


What your receive:

A Custom 7-day Meal Plan

Remove the headache of figuring out what to prepare for each meal. Enjoy a fixed menu for all 3 meals, each day, for the first 7 days of the diet.

Recipes for Every Meal

Each meal also contains a complete recipe and photo that is organised comfortably according to the meals of the day. All the recipes are from the official recipe book, “Eet & Geniet”, which is currently only available in Afrikaans.

Accompanying Shopping List

To complete this package you will receive a customised shopping list compiled specifically according to this meal plan. All the ingredients are neatly categorised to make shopping easier and faster.

Format: PDF Document

Contents: 17 Pages, E-File