Eetplan Idees is passionate about The 28 Day Diet — one of the few diets that work. It is this passion that inspires us daily to analyse the diet, constantly conduct new research and design resources to help people be successful on their weight loss journey.

Eetplan Idees was formed in 2017 with nothing except a desire to help people be successful on The 28 Day Diet. Today, mere three years later, we boast two recipe books, 4 mobile apps, a journal and a website where South Africans all over the world can tune in to acquire reliable information about the diet.

Our mission is te ensure that The 28 Day Diet is available to any person, any time and anywhere.

Our vision is to share the success of The 28 Day Diet nationally as well as internationally.



To be honest and sincere at all times in an industry that is known to be controversial.

To create an accessible and friendly environment where no person is excluded from the diet based on their opinions, values or background.


To ensure that all information that we share is well researched in order to only release products of the highest quality.


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The diet can be found here and we do not send it via email. Questions about the diet can be asked in our support group.