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General Guidelines


Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day)
No snacks or snacking between meals are allowed
Do not swap meals
Do not cheat or swap out / replace ingredients




Every meal (the entire meal) must fit into a container of 450ml.

Almost nothing is weighed on this plan, because your bowl size is determined by volume and not mass.

Every meal (the entire meal) must fit into a bowl of 600-700ml.

Furthermore, men also eat double portions of everything that is quantified on the plan, e.g.:
* Where the plan mentions 1 potato, men eat 2
* Where plan mentions 1 fruit, men eat 2
* Where the plan mentions vegetables, men eat their bowl full


Food List

Cereal I Milk I Chicken I Fish I Red Meat I Bread I Soup I Fruit I Vegetables I Dried Fruit I Yogurt

Cheese I Pasta I Spices I Drinks

Allowed: Any cereal and oats eg. Weetbix (2-3), Corn Flakes, Jungle Oats, All Bran Flakes, Special K, FutureLife (± 5 spoons full)

Forbidden: Cereal with fruit, muesli, chocolate/sugar coatings or flavours

Just enough to cover your cereal and make your tea/coffee
Allowed: 2% Milk, Fat free milk, Low fat milk
Forbidden: Full cream milk

Lactose Allergy: Plant based milk e.g. Almond milk, Cocounut milk, Soy milk

Portion: Size and thickness of your own hand palm (for men and women)

Allowed: Breast pieces are recommended, other pieces are also allowed
Forbidden: Skin, dough, crumbs

Portion: Size and thickness of your own hand palm (for men and women)

Allowed: Cod is recommended. Snoek, hake, haddock, salmon and any other fish with bones are allowed
Forbidden: Seafood, dough, crumbs

Portion: Size and thickness of your own hand palm (for men and women), fat trimmed

Allowed: Beef, lamb, steak, lean mince, ostrich, venison
Forbidden: Pork, organs, gizzards, marinade

Allowed: Any white, brown or whole wheat bread
Forbidden: Bread with fruit, yogurt, syrup or seeds

Concession: 2 Slices of Albany Ultima Low GI bread may be eaten where the diet mentions 1 slice
Bread must always be toasted; it lowers the kilojoules

Allowed: Cup a Soup LITE (any flavour), Homemade thin soup
Forbidden: Cream, thickeners, powders, flour and forbidden vegetables

Allowed: All fruit, with the following limitations:
* Banana – 1 per meal, 2 per day, 4 per week
* Grapes – 10 to 15
* Litchis – 10
* Strawberries – 5 Small OR 3 large

Allowed: All vegetables, with the following limitations:
* Potato only when the diet mentions it
* Avocado – 1 as vegetable, ½ in salad, 2 per week
Forbidden: Corncob, peas, sweet potato, legumes (except green beans)

Allowed: Plums, peaches, apples, apricots, pears
Alternative: 2 Apples steamed with cinnamon

Portion: 175ml per meal

Allowed: Any low fat yoghurt
Forbidden: Full cream, double cream

Portion: Just enough to cover your bread / Provita

Allowed: White cheese eg. White cheddar, Edam, Tussers, Mozzarella
Forbidden: Soft cheeses, feta cheese

Portion: ½ Of your OWN bowl of raw pasta
Forbidden: 2Min Noodles

* All fresh or dried spices and herbs
* Spray n Cook (any flavour)
* Weigh Less salad dressing only with Tuna salad
* Lemon juice, Balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce & Tabasco
Forbidden: Oil, fat, butter, sugar, spreads

Daily maximum: 2c Coffee/Tea and 2c Green tea

Allowed: Coffee, tea (milk allowed, no sugar), Flat Tummy Water, Apple Cinnamon Water, non-flavoured mineral water, tap water
Forbidden: Cool drink, juice, flavoured water, alcoholic beverages, sugar with coffee/tea





Meal Times


One of the key components to the success of the plan is enough time (approximately 5 hours) between meals.

Here is a suggested meal time plan:
* Breakfast: 07h00 – 08h00 (not later than 1 hour after you wake up)
* Lunch: 12h00 – 14h00
* Supper: 18h00 – 20h00


Preparation of Meals


Unlike other diets, you do not have to eat bland, steamed food on this diet. You may use salt, pepper, spices, fresh/dried herbs and certain sauces to make your meals more tasty.

It is important to remember that NO items on the plan may be excluded or substituted unless there is a valid medical reason. Also, do not swap meals around or skip them.




Resist the temptation to weigh every day. You run the risk of being disappointed and discouraged if the scale does not move as fast as you think it should - and you forget about the centimeters.

Weigh on the fourth day because you will then see the detox phase results. Then weigh only once a week. For best results, weigh in the morning before breakfast - at the same time and on the same scale.

The suggested days are as follows:
Day 1
Day 4
Day 11
Day 18
Day 25
Day 29




It is exactly (almost more) important to measure yourself than to weigh yourself. Use your weight loss chart to keep up with your centimeters. Sometimes the scale shows that you have lost very little or even no weight, but if you measure yourself you will find that have reduced your centimeters.

The following factors play an important role:
* Fat mass weighs less than muscle mass.
* If you have a lot of excess fat, even the slightest loss on the scale means a lot. It is indeed better to lose fat mass than muscle mass.
* Notice how your clothes fit. If your pants / shirts start to feel loose, this is also a sign of weight loss even when the scale doesn't show it.
* The Fat "Whoosh" effect also makes an important contribution.



Chicken I Fish I Vegetarians I Milk I Yogurt I Potato I Mushrooms I Tomatoes I Eggs I Provitas

Replace with: Fish

Replace with: Chicken

The plan is vegetarian-friendly.

Replace fish, meat and chicken with your choice of:
* Vegetable patties
* Soy patties
* Lentil patties (the only time lentils are allowed on the plan)

For those with lactose allergy, the following milk can be used:
* Soy milk
* Almond milk
* Coconut milk

Those with lactose allergy can use lactose-free or soy yogurt.

Replace with: Sweet potato

Replace with: Eggplant

Replace with: Red Bell Pepper

The main purpose of eggs on the plan is to obtain protein.

Replace with: Tofu (made via soy milk fermentation) - for sale at Woolworths or other health shops

Replace with: Crackerbread

(1 Crackerbread replaces 2 Provitas)

Grain (Bread, breakfast cereal, pasta etc.)
Replace with: Gluten-free bread, cereal and pasta

Dried fruit

Replace with:  2 Apples steamed with cinnamon




Because you do this plan for YOURSELF, it is only you who can determine how faithfully you can / will follow the plan.
For best results, it is not a good idea to cheat, but the guidelines below can be followed if you eat something that is not part of the plan:

* If you cheat during the detox phase (day 1 to 7 of the plan), start over.
* If you cheat on any other day you can continue with the next meal / day.
* If you accidentally swap meals / days, it does not count as cheating. Continue with the plan.




Alcohol is strictly prohibited on this plan as it is inconsistent with weight loss.

* Alcohol dehydrates the body and causes water retention, which then causes your weight to increase.
* Alcohol stimulates your appetite.
* Alcohol puts a lot of pressure on the liver and keeps it from the process of fat burning.
* Alcohol contains lots of sugar and calories. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories, while other carbohydrates contain only 4 calories per gram.